Guidelines for trading based on the signals given on this website

I make every effort to analyze the market as as best as I can before I post a signal. However, the market does not move according to anyone’s wish.

Therefore, here are few things to consider if you decide to enter trades based on the signal I give.

  1. Use proper money and risk management. Even the best traders can have bad trades. I recommend a lot size of no more than 0.02 lot for every $100 in your account (for metatrader).
  2. It will also be a good idea to do your own analysis. That way if your analysis confirms with my setups, you have more confidence in your trade.
  3. If you make profit, it is yours. If you make loss, it is yours. I will not be responsible for any of it. This is just a helping hand to those who need assistance in market analysis, that I do for free.
  4. You can use other trade management tactics like trailing SL, moving SL to breakeven, partial closing etc.

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