List of scam/fake websites

On this page I am posting the domains of fake/scam websites I have come across. These websites were obviously set up to scam people. If you have come across any such websites that are not listed here, please let me know. Please note that I will not post here the website of any registered broker, who is regulated by the regulatory body of a country.

The list of blacklisted websites

  8. – pretends to be the business licensing authority of USA

Note: Jeff from contacted me and requested me to remove their website from this list. He said is regulated as SD Bullion. But, SD Bullion rejected this claim. Jeff was unable to give any proof of where and by which regulatory authority is bullionoption regulated.
Update: We can now see that the domain is actually owned by a Nigerian.

If you are a representative or owner of any of these websites and you want to remove your website from the list, contact me and provide the registration and regulation numbers. If you provide proof of registration and regulation, I will remove the website address from the list immediately.

Here is a list of email addresses linked to scammers

  1. (Neteller ID)
  2. (Neteller ID)
  3. scam posts recommend this email – talking to him revealed his scamming ways)
  4. whatsApp Number related to : +1 872 302 7538
  5. (PayPal email – Used by the same guy with the email
  6. (Scam posts give this email – the facebook account recommends mentioned above)
  7. – (one of the scammers who operate
  8. (skrill ID – one of skrill ids used by
  9. – related to
  10. – related to
  11. +1(267)510-3413 – WhatsApp Number related to
  12. (Skrill ID)
  13. (Skrill ID related to
  14. +18482510450 (WhatsApp number related to
  15. (Skrill ID related to
  16. (Skrill ID related to

You can help me by sending me the links of scam websites and email addresses you come across. Even if you are not so sure, you can send the link and I will check it. You can use the live chat to talk to me. Send an offline message if I am not online.

585 thoughts on “List of scam/fake websites

  1. Eleanor Wu

    Good job, keep on exposing them. I love what you are doing.

  2. Tim Smith

    Keep up the good work. Do scammers know that commenting javascript codes in the comment box doesn’t work?

    1. Jamaica lanozo it is legit or scam??..

  3. Stephen

    Thank you so much your kind work, we really appreciate what you are doing, do even more so as to make the world a better place

    1. Anonimus is scammer?
      After the few days I deposited my investment, they put my account on dormant status. And they advise to upgrade my account cost 500$ in order to keep my profits growing and withdraw it after 7days.

      1. Admin

        Yes. They are scammers. You have just explained why!

        1. greg

          what is a good website to invest and they trade for you?

          1. Admin

            Here is the problem. We are always looking for regulated firms to trade with. But, regulated brokers cannot (I repeat CANNOT) trade for clients.

        2. greg

 are scam and too
          lady name Chloe on Instagram scam and dude name leach

        3. Ibe obinna

          Do you know about line gate. Want to confirm their status

          1. Admin

            They are scam.

          2. Tema Jonas

            Please can you explain they are scam? You just said they are scam without giving your reason.

          3. Obinna Justin

            please explain more about linegate,,,some one told me they are scam.

          4. Ugonna Chris

            Linegate is a scam that lets you waste your time doing rubbish

        4. Samuel

 are scam and wicked after i invested $159.73 dollars i was told my account was on hold that i should make another investment of $141dollar to qualify me for next plan i cant access my money till date

        5. Damiao

          Hi Admin
          I was aborted with a member of to open account and deposit some money. And I was advised that I will have some taxes upon withdrawal, is not that scam?
          I am scared that is scam and i might have lost my 300$

          1. Damiao

            Hi Admin
            Please advise the profit finance option also has aborted me to do so is that legitimate or scammer

      2. Angel

        This is exactly what happened to us. And we had no idea we were being scammed. Then they went to us our profit is available and in order to withdraw we needed to pay the traders fee first. scammed us of our life savings.

        1. Jaybee

          Same thing happened to me

  4. Deep Desai

    you just saved me.. be aware these people are in instagram too

    1. Admin

      I always happy for every individual who has been saved by my efforts. If you find scammers anywhere, be it on instagram, linkedin or any social network, please contribute to this work by sending their details.


        Hello i am now searching out Chris Mannings/Christopher Mannings.
        He claims to be with Escooptions. Is Escooptions really a scam?

        1. Admin

          They are scam. Come on, stop looking for short-cuts. Sign up with a recommended broker from my page and focus on regular forex if you want long-term success.

          1. Marva,Hart

            Unfortunately I fell victim of scam twice before checking this. Any sites open to USA?

          2. zenzile sikhosana

            Is bitmaxtrade ligit? Because I invested with one guy named Chris and I’m my account I have 4800 usd, but I can’t withdraw, for me to withdraw I have to upgrade the account with 300 usd which doesn’t make any sense to me

          3. Admin

            They have scammed you. No real trading took place with your money. Just fake results to make you pay more money to them.

          4. Shedrack

            Send me the link to your brokers site

          5. Rajesh ahuja

            Could u plz reccomend legal beoker for forex trade

          6. Senamile

            please send me a link for your page

      2. abid ahmad

        thank you my brother, I invested at $100.
        they showed me I owned $3200 within 3 days . now they asking me for $1600 for buy a access code for withdraw that money.

        1. Dhani de fabio

          that ia actualy scammer. Like on
          I invest 100 and 3 days 780 on my account. They asking me for amount money for maintenance.

          1. Anonimus

            I made deposit to
            After the few days, they put my account on dormant status. And they advise to upgrade my account cost 500$ in order to keep my profits growing and withdraw it after 7days.

          2. Anonymous

            Same thing happened to me as well guy by name of James Onimisi(Themba)also tricked me told me to pay 8k to withdraw successfully Once beaten twice Bestcryptofx

        2. pepe

          I was also cheated at where I invested $ 100 dollars and three days later they invented me that I had won a raffle and the prize was US $ 25,000, then they asked me $ 500 for an alleged maintenance and so I could withdraw that money, but that was a lie, pure scam

          1. omm kumar dehury

            hyy bro website please

          2. Opirite

            Sir pls check pennywise wealthmanagement

        3. graham

          hi..did double option pay out?

        4. Ivan pinto

          Hey. Can any1 please tell me about If it’s a scam or real. I can’t find any information

      3. Ellot

        Even in telegram

      4. Tasha Kabz

        Good morning
        Am here l want a trusted company and a genuine broker to trade for me

      5. Eric Malambwe

        You do a good job let expose them in the world

    2. Thabo

      I’m looking for an legit broker..I live in south Africa..That’s my email address and my WhatsApp number 0663228567

        1. Natasha

          Plz check this site

          1. Admin

            So that’s your referral link. I have already blacklisted them. They are scammers.

          2. ndumiso

            is fxbit-trade a scam???

          3. francis

            pls does alpari a scam site?

        2. Mayleen Accord

          The EXNESS don’t accept USA residents

        3. Hamza

          Hello Admin Please confirm that is this site is scam or fake ? ?

          1. Admin

            That is a scam website. Stay away.

    3. Kristi

      fxcryptomine: rollandjessica564+ other insta account owner, who finds way to win your trust and then recommends for you to invest on fxcryptomine website. All the instructions are via Hangout or insta chat, Whatsapp.
      For first Jessica told me to do payment from localbitcoin website to fxcryptomine:350 dollar. It was like 10 days trading period. Then after one week i get from company email to my emailbox. Congratulations, i got platinum but if i wnt that my trading signal would be continuesly in progress and my trade would get finished, i have to pay again and now 750 usa dollar. Otherwise my signal becomes very low and i may lose my funds and money generally.
      For now: i had stopped showing any interest to continue, except to get back my payment 350dollar. This 350 is the only about what i care now but anyw…
      It’s good, i found that webpage here, thank you guys!!!

      1. john

        sounds like , they also take ten days and then email you about paying $500 to continue your trading. But didnt say nothing about losing money. Can you do a review on admin

        1. Enockopoku

          Option@360stock I invested $200 after three days they ask me to pay another $60 for topup fees, when the trade commence they show me $3600 and ask me to pay $300 as withdraw fees, I then sit down and release that it a scam, my account manager name is Kelvin Boris connel he is on facebook

          1. Bruce

            I invented R3000 to tradeswiftfx promised to have R33000 after 7days but now i am disappointed that the expert trader told me to deposit another money before i withdraw because he used system that doubles my account, so that marching he used needs to be updated by R7000 is this campany ligit or scam?

      2. Carlos Eduardo Duarte da Silva

        a womam talk with me to make a deposit localbitcoin and after send to a broke called 24option and I did and now i need make a deposit 1204 dollars is it the same than you?

      3. ndumiso

        im in a similar situation but i didbt put my money to nd i was refferd to fxbit-trade

  5. Sagar

    Really appreciate your efforts to expose the scammers. Could you check whether the Finmax is a legit binary broker or not? Here is the link

    1. Admin

      I have gone through the website. They claim to be owned by a company called Morris Processing Ltd in UK. If they are a broker in UK, they are supposed to be regulated by FCA. Checking with FCA has shown that neither website, nor the company is regulated or licensed. Therefore I also checked with CySEC to see if they are regulated in Cyprus. Again no license found. If they are regulated, they would have proudly displayed the information on the website anyways. I advise against using any broker that is not licensed and regulated. In general I recommend regular forex rather than binary options.

      1. Huma

        Can u check if this company is real and plz
        Coz I got scammed twice

        1. Mayleen Accord

          Megatrade-option is also asking me to pay $900 before withdrawal I’m skeptical to pay more! I don’t know what to do

  6. Mohit

    Thanks for your hard work. Could you recommend some genuine forex brokers which are 100% legit and non-manipulative for India?

    1. Admin

      The forex broker that I recommend is Exness They are regulated by FCA and CySEC. They offer very low spreads, flexible leverage and fast execution. Exness is good even if you are in India. Click here to visit Exness.

      1. Pisa

        Any for example broker you can recommend for me in Samoa please?? I have someone e I trust but I’m trying to fund my wallet to the minimum

          1. Ahmad Iqbal

            bro i belong to Pakistan and interested in online trading. can u suggest me a legit and registered broker for me???

        1. Abdulsalam Ahmed

          I was scammed by Apexcoins and fluxbtc
          Can you please recommend me a scam free site to invest?
          Am from Kenya

      2. bright adimora

        Hello good day please is btxoption a scam site because just on the 24th of October 2018 I registered with the so claimed regulated broker by a woman whom she claimed to be an account manager messaged me on Instagram and we do talk on whatsapp her name is Julia Duvert she made me gained her trust I registered with her Broker with the use of bitcoin and up till now my payment is still pending and my account balance has reflect I have told her about this and she said within the next 24 hours it will low and behold nothing has happened… please I do want to know if it’s a scam or its real.
        Thank you

      3. Sathish

        Hi How much profit i will get if i invest $100 in Exness on daily basis.

        1. Admin

          The profit will depend on the risk taken (a combination of lot size and stop loss) and the strategy used. Exness is a regulated forex broker. That means they will not trade for clients. You have to do your own trading or find someone or a robot to trade for you. If you are looking for a guaranteed, fixed return per month, trading forex or any other type of instrument is NOT for you. You are at the wrong place.

      4. Leonila Braga

        Hi! I invested in climaxfxoption. I invested 1200. After three days. They asked if i can send his commission right away so i can get my profit immediately. I sent him$1200. After that he told to send $500 for a withdrawal fee and then $100 to stabilize my account but still a cannot withdraw. He asked me to send again $300 for maintenance so that I can withdraw. Is this real? My account manager is Me. Harry

        1. Diyar

          Has it been resolved? I wanted to invest with Harry too… but it sounds too good to be true.

          1. Kumar

            Please don’t. I tried at climaxfxoptions too. I regret it. Whatever they said sound too good to be true. I have the same problem with leonila but with another guy from Instagram. His name is Marco Viktor

        2. Kumar

          I invested 500usd. But I spent 3k USD still can’t withdraw the 10k USD profit. I think the 10k USD is fake.

    2. Chijioke Ugwu

      Admin, aside luno, is there any other good site to boost the bitcoin

  7. Ruth M Leathers

    Is there any recourse for Unfortunately, I sent funds for trading.

    1. Admin

      Hello Ruth, it is unfortunate that you sent money to them. If you send money through credit card, you can do a charge back through your bank. If you sent money through PayPal, you can open a dispute. But if you sent money through western union or bitcoin or a similar method, I am afraid you can’t get it back. That is one obvious reason why scammers usually will not accept credit cards or PayPal.

      1. Anonimus

        Thanks for the info. If I use Paypal and tell on my dispute report that I sent money to scammer. Will they process it? Is there further investigation before they return money to my account?


    Are you really sure about this list, especially ( can you describe that they asking for a customer username and password an make an account on their so you can follow everyday’s trading and you’ll see your balance increase/decrease?

    1. Admin

      Yes I am sure about this list. About, there are many red flags that can be raised about the website. The most important one is their claim to be regulated by CySEC, which is a big fat lie. The website domain itself is just 40 days old as of today. Hussain, I am not sure about your relationship with pottalfinance. Based on your comment of difficult-to-understand English, you could be one of the victims who is in the stage of seeing his fake account with them grow exponentially (Read my article for details). But it is a very stupid thing for you to suggest that I give them money to see if they really run away with it or not, lol. It is like drinking poison to see if you really die.

      1. Marc

        I’ve been speaking with a few people on Instagram and they all want me to send them my login details to supposedly link my account to their trading platform. One was asking for me to send money gram or western union to Name: Vicki Thompson
        Address: 4725 Pinson Dr.
        AR 71854
        Texarkana, Arkansas
        And the said: “That is the broker agent money gram details. Send the money to that address and send a snapshot of the receipt to me for proof and confirmation”.

        What do you think of these so called account managers or binary pro traders?

        1. junior penn

          On Instagram there is a Melissa Charles that calls herself professional_binary_trader. She trades from a site Her email is

          Also there is a Hogan Godwin (Hoganwin1) on Instagram trading on These people have scammed people out of their hard earned money. Something needs to be done

        2. Osama

          Hello sir on instagram there are many scammers.i have jus found your list is 100% correct.can you show me a trusted trader so we can invest with them.

    2. Mba

      Hello is 24livetrades also a scam site because a woman by name Perla fRX just scam me last month I deposited by account with $500 after 6days saw $11936 in my account. Now I want to withdraw they asked me to pay $400 if not I won’t withdraw and there after they said that anti money laundering head they money that I should come and pay another $5096.please sir is 24livetrafldes a scam site?

  9. Benjamin

    How sure are you that ecoingroup is a fake company and yet they are paying their investors.

    1. Admin

      They claim to be registered in UK, which apparently is not true. To check that, use the UK companieshouse link they themselves give. It doesn’t exist. You may say they are paying their investors (if you are one of those who operate that website). Moreover, many scammers do pay the initial investors so that more investors will come and put their money, after that they can disappear. A company is fake if they are not registered as a company. That is the dividing line between real and fake. Simple.

      1. Bruce

        But in the domain search of Whois it’s registered

        1. Admin

          Bruce, the whois information gives the web domain registration from ICANN. It is NOT a company registration information. I guess you need to educate yourself about internet before you even begin to think about investing online.

      2. Sam

        Im from pakistan i need thay people number who is real and earn real money if i investment..

    2. emario

      hi am in ecoingroup but am not getting any payments how do you do it. i had concluded its… unsafe

      1. Admin

        For some who regarded ecoingroup as legitimate, the comment from emario is enough reason to conclude ecoingroup as scammers.

  10. mikelim

    hi now iam invest with this site call maxtradeotpion is the a real broker site thks

    1. Admin

      That website is already listed above. Too bad you are seeking short-cuts with binary options. I recommend regular forex.

  11. Alan

    Thank you so much for sharing this information, your work is so helpful.
    About Iqtradeoption, they provide some links about regulation and licence:
    What do you think about? I was about opening account with them.

    1. Admin

      They lied about that. CySEC rejects their claim. They are not regulated by CySEC. And look at their fake company registration certificate. DO NOT throw away your money at them.

  12. Thirumal Rao karanam legit or scam any one experienced please tell

    1. Admin

      Check the list. It is already included.

      1. Karen Corkery

        Hi I’m trading with iq crypto invest. Com, they are looking for 500 to buy signals to release money, I need help I never did anything like this before.

    2. Dave

      Please avoid btcbinaryworld at all costs! When you try to do your withdrawal…they will try to get you to pay $1000 for a “swift code”! Stay Away!

  13. Benjamin

    Admin, could you please check for me if is legitimate.

    1. Admin

      I have gone through that website and I can see its development is not yet complete. Go to the ‘reviews’ page on their website and you can see the ‘lorem ipsum’ texts. hahaha. Go to their stats page, it says their site started in 2015. But I can confirm to you, their website did not exist before 5-Aug-2017. Now, what about regulation information? Does not exist. So you decide, is it scam?

  14. gabriel kuupololo

    Tell me more about 24livetrade. I

    1. Admin

      As of today, that website is 122 days old. The website is owned by a Nigerian (no offense to the good Nigerians but it is widely believed that your country spawns too many scammers). It is an exact duplicate of many other scam websites. I just don’t get it why you guys are always seeking short-cuts with binary options. Why don’t you try the regular forex?

    2. Brighton Mafunye

      Thank you so mch admin, l was almost to deposit, so when l go thru the black listed l got platform which l wanted to deposit my funds…

  15. Manikanta

    Hello Dear,

    I have invested in the MaxTradeOption., Could you please let me know that, is this website legit or not? Please help me in this regards.

    1. Admin

      As of today, the website domain you mentioned is only 5 days old. I hope you didn’t throw too much money at them.

      1. Manikanta

        Yes, I too came to know that… Already I have invested above $3000… Is there any way I can get them back… Please help me…..

        1. Admin

          What you have done is that you have sent money to individuals. They are not a registered broker. You actually even don’t know who they are. So I don’t believe you can get back that money. If you are looking for a regulated broker, I have listed two brokers that I recommend.

          1. Frederick

            who are those two recommended brokers sir?
            Is it safe to fund broker account with bitcoin wallet or western union ?
            what about visa card ?

          2. Admin

            The brokers I recommend on my website are regulated. That’s why it is safe to create and fund a trading account with them. But don’t let someone else create that account for you. Create the account yourself and fund it yourself. Bitcoin wallet can be used to fund a trading account. I always use Visa Debit/Credit card to fund and withdraw. NEVER send money to an individual person through Western Union.

  16. Simon

    Forex has done tremendous work in the world market.How can i join?

    1. Admin

      You can go to and choose a broker. The ones I listed are the ones I recommend and they are regulated. If you join using the links I provided there, I can guide you for you to make it through.

      1. Olinga John bosco

        How can I from Uganda acess them and invest in the legit companies

        1. Admin

          Go to this page, the brokers I mentioned there will accept clients from Uganda.

          1. Mr Klem

            Am from Nigeria, accessgain ltd scammed me.

            Which legit on do u recommend for me.

  17. Shy

    HELLO Admin. Keep up the good work. You are really protecting the innocent souls with your work. Could you please let me know if “BTC Global”is legit or not?

    1. Admin

      Can you provide the url of their website?

        1. Admin

          I have gone through what they have posted there on that website. It is apparently a ponzi scheme. Stay away from it.

          1. Shy

            Thank you so much

    2. Simonie

      I’m got robbed by a lady called Mia they are a lot..use to use cryptofx at first now zeetrader options

  18. Yetunde

    Thanks for your update,u really saved me from investing with ingeniousplc,they claimed to be real n registered under cysec but found their name on the list.can u please tell me more about them?

    1. Abdul

      I have invested with ingeniousplc, payed so many fees, but still cant withdraw, are they legit and how do i get my money back?

      1. Admin

        Hello Abdul, since you have been sending money to scammers, you can’t get that money back. You have learnt the lesson in the hard way. If you are looking for legitimate brokers, look at the ones I recommended.

        1. Thabo

          *packard Anschutz?

          1. Admin

            That’s a known scammer from facebook. I have talked to him personally. He ran away like the coward he is when I asked some basic questions about forex technical analysis. The guy doesn’t have any knowledge about real trading.

        2. Thabo

          do you know any broker who can help me?

          1. Admin

            I have already given you the link to my page where I have posted information about regulated brokers that I recommend.

  19. Yetunde

    And can I get lists of truly registered brokers to invest with?

  20. Yetunde

    And can I get lists of truly registered brokers to invest with?Is also a scam site too?

    1. Admin

      I have recommended some brokers that are regulated. Go to this page.

  21. Nkechinyere

    Hi Admin,i live in Nigeria and looking for a legitimate platform to invest in .please can you recommend some legitimate ones that are not scammers and ponzi schemes.
    Thanks for all you do!

  22. Ebuka

    Hi Admin, I came in contact with someone from bostrades. are they scammers?

    1. Admin

      Yes, they are scammers.

  23. Elfas

    According to your research, pottalfinace is not legit? I haven’t joined yet but i was planning to join by end month.

    1. Admin

      Don’t join them. Look for a regulated broker instead.

  24. Andrew

    I am currently being asked to invest with the lady has been messaging me through my Facebook account saying if invest 1000 she guarentees me 17000 by the end of the first week sound crazy af to me so I asked her for her phone number she gave it to me then said I shouldn’t call because she is married I thought it was kind of funny because her Facebook page looks totally legit anyone else seem like this could be a fake

    1. Admin

      You thought right. They are scam.

      1. Tony

        Hi,you have actually done a very great job by exposing scammers site.Kindly do ur findings on bit boost cloud mining site and harshrapid cloud mining site,both of them are scam.Bitboost scammed me while harshrapid scammed my friend in Ghana with $1500.Thank you!

  25. Andres

    Good work preventing people to get into those scams. Do you know something about They offer in Instagram to manage your account and trade for you. But only Moneygram, Western Union and bitcoin as payment method. Thanks

    1. Admin

      Thanks for your contribution. I have added to the list. They are fake.

  26. Gat

    Hi admin is trade2win options is legit or scam.

    1. Admin

      Hello Gat, thank you for your contribution. I can confirm is a scam website. I have added it to the list.

  27. hadi

    This company says it is registered and writes in its details below ( is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), under license number 201/91.
    Please let the brothers make sure of it and comment until we know

    1. Admin

      I included it in the list after checking with CySEC. is NOT regulated by CySEC.

  28. patto

    it is scam?

    1. Admin

      They are scam. I have included them in the list now. Thank you for your contribution.

  29. David Quadri

    What about

    1. Admin

      I can confirm they are scammers and liars. The claim to be regulated by CySEC and says they are regulated as ‘B.O. Tradefinancials Ltd’. But they lied and I can see that is trying to imitate a website that belongs to ‘B.O. Tradefinancials Ltd’.

  30. Fadi

    Hello Admin. Thanks for the info. I traded with I have about Bitcoin worth $5000 in their system from my trading but they want me to pay 10% fee from an external wallet before they release the money. Wouldn’t they have deducted that from the $5000?
    I am worried about paying in some extra money again.
    What do you advise?

    1. Admin

      DO NOT pay that money. Whatever the money you have given to them is also gone forever. So they are showing a huge amount on the fake account they created for you in their system? That’s just bait to get more money from you.

  31. Poena

    Coins-chain also don’t want to pay

    1. Admin

      Thanks for sharing that information.

  32. Joshua

    Hello admin, thanks for the information.
    Am in Uganda, may I know whether onecoin onelife is legit or not because I tried following your list of fake ones it’s absent.
    Please confirm for me before I get into problems.
    Thanks in advance once again.

    1. Admin

      I can see many red flags about them. I suggest you don’t put any money into that scheme. Focus on regular forex.

      1. Azibayam Bomo

        Admin which of the binary trading option can u recommend.


        1. Azibayam Bomo

          They claim to be legit and trust worthy. Are they for real or another scammers. If so, please kindly list them

          1. Admin

            They claim to be trustworthy, which is one thing they are not. I can see many red flags about them, but I will show you just one obvious thing. Look at their exchange rate quotes, and look at the real quotes from elsewhere.

        2. Admin

          I don’t recommend binary options. But I know 24options and iqoptions are not scammers. But keep in mind that there are many fake sites which try to imitate them, and even try to deceive people by creating fake websites with slight variations in the domain name.

          1. Azibayam Bomo

            Thanks a lot

  33. John Lewin

    escoptions are they fake ?? The guy Chris Mannings im dealing with said they have just gone on to digital platforms and existed before …is there anyway i can investigate if they were a bonafide company before going online

    1. Admin

      Ask them the name by which they existed. That will be enough to check if they are regulated. But I can confirm that escoptions are scammers and have scammed many people.

  34. geojane04atgmaildotcm

    I got ripped off by a scam broker recently it was impossible to get a withdrawal, I had to hire a recovery professional to get my funds back. Most of these brokers are scum bags.

    1. nomvula

      where can I hire recovery professionals?

    2. vanessa

      please advise your recovery professional as I too need to recover a huge huge amount and no one can help

  35. Un

    I invested via 247tradeoptions and unfortunately is already listed above… Here is an onther scammer she scammed $500

  36. What about they got me for550$ bit coin and want another 1000 for signals or I loose my money Big Scam

  37. NYBW

    Thanks admin. I am almost engaging glad I have checked out this list. They created the account for me and that is what I found strange. They also said that I deposit cash first into a skrill account before my account becomes active….my account now has a security question that I do not know the answer to….thank God for 6th senses!

  38. Naressa

    I am sorry I did not go through this list before. I have sent money to speedoptions via western union and now they are asking me to send more money so I can get to withdraw from the account. My gut feelings is telling me this is a scam.

  39. Blessings

    Can you tell me if is legitimate. Thank you

    1. Admin

      At this moment, I am not able to verify whether they are scam or not. But one thing I can tell you is that they don’t appear to be regulated by either CySEC or FCA. They claim to be from St.Vincent and the Grenadines. But they did not mention anything about regulation. Therefore I don’t recommend them. There are much better brokers out there.

  40. jeff is scam, fake and fraud paddlers site,

    Hi , I have been asked to deposit $502 which i did on 15th feb 2018, which the accounts manager has traded the account and claimed to make $2,317 including the deposit , I made the 3 separate requests for over 3 weeks for withdrawal, my requests had not been processed and I sent 3 emails and called this cell phone line, they never picked the call +1-214-400-5319 , I am now under impression that I have been scammed , for over 3 weeks no one responded to my email

    1. Jose Alvarado

      I was scammed as well. Unfortunately I invested $4,100 in both bitcoin and Western Union.

      1. Admin

        That’s a lot of money you lost. If only you invested that in forex, it could have been enough to retire in no time.


    hi! can i ask favor? is is legit?

    1. Admin

      No, they are not legit. They are scam.

  42. Hi
    Need a little INFO plz …. there’s this guy who wants me to make an account on that platform and invest my money , i feel like it is a scam

    1. Admin

      You felt right. They are scam.

      1. omm kumar dehury fack or legit

  43. nur

    hi admin one guy contacted me on instagram about binary trading he has provided the website called ..when i google it i came across to this scam and fake website .. admin u have saved my 500$ thanks alot

    1. Admin

      Hello Nur, I am happy each time my website prevents someone from falling into scam.

  44. Emmanuel


    Please I want to ask a question about a particular websites

    The website is

    Is it a scam website and why is it a scam website

    The guy has been asking me to register

    1. Admin

      That is surely a scam website. They claim to be regulated by nine jurisdictions (wow! even the best brokers have never been able to even come close to that), but guess what? They are not registered or regulated anywhere. I checked with the regulatory bodies they mentioned. The website itself is made of a cheap wordpress theme. So much for a broker that is regulated worldwide, lol!
      I guess that guy is literally begging you to register there. Tell him to go and beg on the streets!

      1. Azibayam Bomo

        How can we verify them on our own. Any clue

  45. Azibayam Bomo

    How can we on our own given time verify if this website is legit or not without disturbing u. Can u give us a clue , Sir

  46. Mwiza

    Admin which binary company is are legit?I would love to invest my money

    1. Admin

      I can see that you also sent me an email about this. I don’t recommend binary options. If you want recommended forex brokers, I have given two brokers which I recommend on my website.

  47. Lunch

    Please recommend me a good forex.

  48. Dean

    Hi admin,
    Is Elite360Option is a scam website..? Pls advised as I have invested with them and the manager keep on requesting me to invest more with them. Can recommend a trusted binary option .

    1. Admin

      You have been scammed. They are bloody scammers. Don’t send them any more money. They are not a real broker. They are a bunch of con-artists. About trust worthy brokers, I don’t recommend binary options to anyone. So I suggest you stop looking for binary options. If you want success in the long-term, go for forex. Check this link.

      1. Brian

        Please help is fairtradeoption legit?

        1. Admin

          No. They are scammers.

          1. Dzunisani

            Please advise is

            Real or scams?

          2. Admin

   does not belong to a registered broker. They are scam. Look at the photo of Juventus Football Club on that website. It was taken from iqoption website.

  49. kathiresan
    what about this broker , im invest 1000usd after one week i put withdrawl they ask me 15percent
    my profit is 12450usd they need 1850 usd after only my withdrawl process

    how to believe

    1. Admin

      They are scammers and so you have given(actually donated) $1000. That profit you seen in your account is fake. No real money has been invested anywhere. It is make-believe profit just to ask you to send more money in the 15% profit share. DO NOT send money again. Even if you send that money, they will never send you your money, not even your deposit.

  50. Jo

    Can I have more info on bulliontrade24?
    They say they are Legit and it’s just because of individual bad experiences that they got listed as scammers.

    1. Admin

      Their website is less than 3 months old. They are not registered or regulated anywhere. This is what makes them scammers. They are just con-artists. Why don’t you stop looking for such short-cuts?

  51. devika

    hello!! I am planning to invest with . Can you please tell me if i should go ahead with it or not??

    1. Admin

      Don’t invest money with them. They are liars.

  52. David Quadri

    Is litoption a legit broker or they a scam

    1. Admin

      They are scammers.

      1. David Quadri

        Are you sure because I have one lady contacting me saying she got paid from them

        1. Admin

          Yes I am sure. That lady is probably an accomplice of them. She is one of them. Litoption is not registered or regulated anywhere as a broker. Think about it, someone is really contacting you to become rich? Anyways, why are you seeking such short-cuts? You want to get rich quick? That’s a sure way of getting poor quicker.

          1. David Quadri

            What are the legit binary brokers you know about

          2. Admin

  , But keep in mind that I don’t recommend binary options as a way to go forward. Scammers have tried to imitate these websites, making websites that look very similar and the website domain is slightly different. In any case, if someone says that he should be the one to create the account for you, and that you have to send money to him afterwards through western union or bitcoin, that is an absolute NO.

          3. Thabo

            I need to know whether Arren miller is an registered broker and Packard?

          4. Admin

   is not a registered broker. Therefore I have already included them in the list above.

  53. David Quadri

    What if I receive a payment thru bitcoin and it looks funny like other transactions has popped up that I don’t remember

  54. Ann Carlson

    I unfortunately found this site after sending $500 to I became leary when I was ask to paid $1100 fee within 48 hrs to withdraw and the so called broker Robert T. Arthur (on Facebook) couldn’t answer how I would withdraw the money (they have none of my bank or paypal info to send me my funds).
    I live in the US but the brokers you list as being safe will not do business with anyone living in the US. Please help me find an honest broker.

    1. Admin

      I will do some research about regulated brokers in USA. I will recommend a good one to you this week.

      1. Ener

        Hello pls answer do you know if is a scam i have over 1k invested there, and somebody (james roger) is managing my account, he reflects balance and lets me look at my account, seems legity. He also us doing the trading with binary options. I will really appreciate your help.

        1. Admin

          They are scammers. That’s why I included them in the list.

          1. Faapisa

            Please Admin, ,is com legit please??they asked to deposit $100 so I can withdraw my balance of 1500 if not the balance will cancel automatically. .

          2. Admin

            What you have said about them is proof that they are scam.

      2. john

        i am from US too can you point me to one and are these being traded by account managers?

  55. Sumit is fake website. His agent did fraud with me. He said to Invest atleast $200. After investing He shows me profit in trading account that was fake and was being handled by him. It means that was fake system> He asked to invest for more money. I denied him. Then He said 10% commission. I said money should be reflected in my account. He Blocked my profile and me. Take away money from me.

  56. Darren

    So glad I found this … was about to start investing with after being reached out to on Instagram by “therealpauljenkins”. Whew … dodge a close one there

  57. Jahmai

    Can you also check on they haven’t paid out any bitcoin to the members since March 28th 2018. But, they are still taking peoples money.

    1. Jahmai

      Has anyone heard what’s going on with

      Has anyone dealt with and know if they are legit?

      1. Admin

        None of those two websites are legitimate. I hope you have not thrown away your money at them.

  58. Elmauri

    Hello admin can you help with this 2 sites tell me invest $300 and duplicate in $5000

    1. ElMauri

      Is this real and trust in this sites thanks

    2. Admin is already on the list. is also not a registered or a regulated broker. Why do you guys seek short-cuts like that? You want to get-rich-quick? In that case, trading in the financial markets is not for you.

      1. ElMauri

        No its only i think that some finanacial Brokers help and give a financial plan for own, to invest money and give earnings
        Im a binary trader and have results but i dont have a big account

      2. Atanga

        Hmm please Admistrator : I have my Localbitcoins but anytime ask to mine with me.
        The company they ask me to register is always part of the scammers list…. So please Help me with a trusted partner so I can trade successful.
        Thank you. Please.

        1. Admin

          I have given information about two brokers that are legitimate.
          They are regulated brokers. Create a trading account with anyone of them and I will make sure you get the right guidance to learn how to trade (if you don’t know how to trade already).

  59. Pooya

    ( website changed his domain Email address, it’s Scam and i lost $1000USD which they got through bitcoins from me
    the new email address is

  60. Jessica

    1. Jessica

      B.O Trading financial limited…. All the websites above are trading with the same software…..
      Stay AWAY……. SCAM…. SCAM…. SCAM….

      1. mody ahmed

        do u have any experiences with bitsyfarm ??!

        1. Jessica

          Yes they took me for allot of money!!

          1. zikria

            please tell me about gain24option.

      2. MAHFUZOUR

        Hey can you please tell me about is it true or fake someone told me to deposit $250 and then he/she will tade for me and make it more but than heor she will take 20%profit so do i invest money please reply me please

    2. Thomas

      Admin, Fairtradeoption is it legit.

    3. Ian King

      you can add to this list

  61. Faapisa Tupe Godinet

    Is legit or scam please??

    1. Admin

      I won’t be able to check the legitimacy of email addresses. But if you can provide more details about why you want to check the mail address, I may be able to suggest certain things for you.

  62. Thabiso Mabena

    I want to ask if is legit or scam

    1. Admin looks like a payment gateway provider. However, if you are actually asking about, check the list above. They have been in the blacklist for a long time.

  63. john

    Hello admin i signed up with and deposited $25 through an account manager when i logged in i saw $50 in my account now they say i should buy signals for $200
    are you sure about this broker

    1. Admin

      I am sure that they are not a real broker. That website is just a fake website made to scam those who can’t see the obvious red flags.

  64. Hussain

    Does anyone have any idea about Organization and whether it’s legit or scam?

    1. Admin

      I have replied to the mail you have sent to me. I am also advising you here to stay away from those liars.

      1. Larry

        You might want to check into I invested a small amount with a so called trader on Instagram noah_liam_trader111 is his IG name, never got anything back.

  65. ALI

    situation of two sites please
    legit or scams

    1. Admin is a scam website. is a registered broker. But understand that if a so called ‘account manager’ tells you that you need to send him (the individual person) money through western union or bitcoin or any such method, so that he can fund that account that he has supposedly created in your name, that is an absolute red flag, even if he says he will use 24option or any other registered broker. A legitimate proposal does not involve individuals sending money to each other. And, an individual person is not a forex or binary broker. Remember that.

  66. Freddy Jackson

    Hello and thank you for such a great and informative website. I believe i have fallen for a B.O. scam as well. Can you check out platform please. Thank you so much and keep up the good work! People, please dont fall for those instagram get rich quick scams! ✌

  67. Freddy Jackson

    Can u also recommend forex brokers that deal with clients in the US please. Thank you.

  68. Elianu Joseph.

    What”s your on as of now?

  69. Steve

    Anyone here deal with a guy named Bradley Brett on instagram?

    1. I invested $100 to start then he stated needed top up to $300. I reluctantly did. After the 7 days was up my account balance was $4200 and he said to withdraw there is a withdraw fee of 20% I said that was crazy and he said he meant $200. I have yet to pay the withdraw fee. Should I just chalk this up as lesson learned and loss of $300?

      1. Admin

        Yes, unfortunately you have learnt the lesson the hard way. There are no short-cuts like that in the financial markets.


    Hello Adim, am in Dubai and i think have also fallen a victim through Facebook about trade and have joined them also sent $300 for investment, $350 for signal boost, and again are asking to send $850 for the Lawyer so that i get my profits successful and my accout shows $14650. Thanks alot these are their details as follows
    Web: fxryptomine
    Whatup no’: +1(845)4007323
    Facebook: Eduardo Joan Mabel

    1. Admin

      Don’t send that money. They are scammers.


        Thanks a lot adim and their still texting but is it possible to get back my money.

        1. Kristi

          i have same problem with fxcryptomine via Jessica(account manager). I told my story with them here previously. I too
          payed 350 from locanbitcoins site to their account. Now later wanted again or boost 750dollar. Otherwise i cant finish sucessfully my trading period.
          …. Please answer…who have with fxcryptomine experience…

  71. Yanni

    has anybody dealt with Otawart_forexdean in the past? I registered with Fxtade247 and 1- they asked me to upgrade my account for $989 which I did. and they account got suspended a few days after. and then my account Manager told me it will come back up. So I can see my profit but I cannot withdraw it. He told me that I should send him part of his commission before he can send in my profit. But someone told me today that it was a scam. I don’t know who to believe Has anybody here had similar experience? Help Please. Thank You!

    1. Admin

      The point to note here is that is a scam website. So DO NOT send anymore money to them.

    2. Maquada

      Hi Yanni, did you ever get this issue sorted out? I was thinking of trying Otawrt_forexdean.

  72. mody ahmed

    hello admin i have joined bitsyfarm and today i have red on my frined wall (But that time actually was needed after we came back… I disconnected from this FB profile and was gone as long as needed to recover from my enormous loss with frickin #Bitsyfarm… I honestly was broken down after this crazy experience with these people… Including a person I thought was honest to me… Because she showed me the results… And I believed her…

    I did not get my VIP payment that they promised and lost quite a lot of money… To write this openly like this is not how I wanted to do this thing… Especially because it took some breathing space to get over it

    i was in this program and i have paid some amount then i cant be able to access my account just to pay 50 $ & show my id to get my account back

    1. Admin

      If you want to be successful in the financial markets, don’t go for such short-cuts.

      1. mody ahmed

        any online buusinese u recommend

        1. Admin

          Yes. Isn’t forex trading a good business?

          1. mody ahmed

            mmmmmm its complicated

  73. Varun

    Have anyone came across a name “hugo Stanley” ?? ?

    1. Admin

      Varun, you see, it is not the name that matters. The name can be changed any time. Those names are most of the time fake. The scammers will often delete one profile and create a new profile with a new name and new pictures taken from internet. The important thing is the obvious red flags you can easily see from a scammer.

  74. Mary Jackson


    Do you know anything about trust option investment? They claim to be regulated but I can not see were?

    1. Admin

      Give me their website url, so that I can check. They can claim to be regulated, actually most scam websites claim to be regulated. Just ask them ‘by which regulatory authority are you regulated?’ If they tell you it is ‘CySEC’ or ‘FCA’, etc, it is easy to check if it is true or not.

      1. Kristi

        I asked that from Jessica, she told ‘CFTC and IMF ”. How i can check it please?

        1. Admin

          Give me the URL of the website.

          1. Kristi

            I don’t wish to answer any of questions again I’m tired of it I’m here for serious business enlightenment only. – it was Jessica answer.

    2. mary

      1. Admin

        They are not regulated. They are scammers. I hope you have not thrown any money at them.

  75. Bobby

    Has anyone dealt with a Guy Called Brian McKinley? He claims to be an iqoption account manager.

    1. Admin

      The name doesn’t matter. Look for the obvious red flags. They often change names and social media profiles.

  76. Stanley Maddigan

    Are Tradeu2 incensed/regulated are they scammers, I have read reports they are

    1. Admin

      They are not a licensed/regulated company. They are scammers.

  77. Stefan

    Hello, how you know it’s fake?

    1. Admin

      That Skrill account has been involved in several scam cases. I know some of the victims and how it was done.

  78. Alfred Aryitey

    Please is,, scam cause I have had chat with guys from this site saying they are brokers are they legit please I want to invest if it not legit please let me know to save my ass

    1. Isaac

      I’m interesting to get information about, some people are “earning” a lot of money investing on them, but I guess is scam

  79. Steve Ng

    Thank you for the goodwork, my case was that got contacted by a Binary Forex Trader on my IG account and she started to offer me the wonder of Binary Forex by winning from 500 to 5k in 7 days. I got suspicious from the beginning because is to good to be true. So I asked more information about her and she sent me her “Business License” From Texas, Nevada. I inmediatly go to to chek her if she telling the true, I could not find anything about her so I ask about her “organization” and website. This is where the mask fall down. Thanks to you guys I could confirm that she is a SCAM. By, she deleted her IG account to (Under joandavis17).

  80. Charlie Tucson

    Hello Admin!! I want to know if this page are scam
    Thank you

    1. Admin

      Both of those websites are scam.

  81. Vanessa

    The 2 trader accounts you have listed – are thise people / traders that assist with the whole process. I have been scammed 3 times now and cannot do trading by myself. Will your traders trade on my behalf and do they charge a commission?

    If not, do you have suggestions of traders that are registered and legit and assist customers to do forex trading on a “one on one basis”

    1. Admin

      What you need to do is, you register and verify an account with a regulated broker. I have given two good brokers, here on this link.
      Which means you deal directly with the broker, no more sending of funds to individuals, but rather create your own account by yourself, and fund it directly through the back-end there. This way you will be in control of deposits and withdrawals. Understand that a legitimate broker will not trade for you. A broker is simply the link between you and the financial markets. Once your trading account is ready and funded, I can arrange someone to trade for you. But remember, you should not send money to any individual to fund your trading account. The one who trades for you can take a fee for doing so, which you can arrange to pay through an agreed method. For him to trade on your account, he will only need the trading account login access, not the access to your broker control panel. I hope you understand my point.

  82. Vanessa

    Sorry me again – – I know for sure that they are scammers so please add them to your list. I had a lawyer looking at recovering funds lost but these people just dissapeared. This was for Binary trading.

    Next one I got duped was lost all contact with them – are they legit??

    1. Admin

      Both of those websites you have mentioned are scam.

      1. Jan

        Hello, I left a message to you, but didn’t receive any response.
        I have some scams that I personally experienced:

        – this trader offers fake scripts: and besides that he offers account management but he steals your money.

        – these people are clear scam, they steal your money as well:, instagram:

        – this “broker” is scam for sure, just check their terrible support, no regulation and poor platform. I suppose all contact details are fake.


        1. Admin

          Hello Jan, I have responded to your previous comment. Thanks once again for your contribution. I am just an individual. I am trying to do what I can do to educate people and prevent scam. I try to respond as soon as I can.

  83. Gracie

    Is there any other broker that accepts US resident? The 2 brokers you recommended isn’t eligible for US residents. Looking forward hearing from you. Thank you!

    1. Admin

      I have replied to the mail you sent to me.

      1. abed ahmad

        can I have the same link please

  84. Jan

    Hello, can you add this site: It is clear fake/scam.

    1. Admin

      Added. Thanks for your contribution.

      1. johnny

        dear admin,
        Etoro,avatrade,fxtm seem to be regulated but have so many bad reviews when it comes to withdrawals, anything you can help with ??

        1. Admin

          Such problems will be less common with ECN brokers. One such broker is IC Markets.

  85. Robert

    the took allots of money from me, and I never got paid for once

  86. Robert

    Https// is a scam website, they took allot of money from me and I never got paid for once

  87. Dops

    Hy admin and everyone …I will like to ask if Alpha Capital is legit…thank you guys

  88. This mails id is also scammer.

  89. Thomas

    is legit

    1. Admin

      No, it is not legit.


    Is is really fake cause someone told me that if i deposit $250 he/she gonna make it more

    1. Admin

      Scammers tell you that all the time.

  91. Nneka

    A lady by name Darcy-toth scammed me on instagram and favoritefxtrading too, my scammer manager is Wally trades on instagram but I told her she’s a scam.. I wish Forex trading is stable so I can focus on that. Many scammers on instagram

  92. Mike real or fake

    1. Admin

      That website belongs to a registered broker. But remember, don’t send money to a so called account manager even if he claims to represent or use 24option.

  93. jen

    Im not in any broker but interested in joining. my comment is not related to brokers but have you ever encountered LEArn to Trade. they say that they are not brokers but they just teach claims they offer scholarships but looks actually they are all scholars and pays the same amount of fee. the background of the ceo just have all negative comments that he is not what he claims to be.

  94. Itha

    Instagram : andre howard
    He asked me to join trading forex and asked me to make account at fortunately I met this website before I join that instruction. Thank you

  95. Tanya

    Stop loosing money from scamm brokers any1 who wants to help you shouldnt ask you for money first. They are just discouraging others from investing in Binary options.

  96. George

    Hello admin
    an account manager said that I have to pay 10% of money before my profit is sent out and they did trading in , is that true, I first sent 300$ which resulted in 7000$ profit her name is sherry hart in Instagram.

    1. Admin

      First of all, I can see that is regulated by CySEC just as the website claims. However, there is still a problem I can see from what you are saying. It seems like they opened the account, not you. And you sent money to those individuals, not directly to the broker. That’s why they now have control over the fund. In a legitimate situation, you would have the power to initiate withdrawal. Now, even if you send that fee, there is no guarantee that they will send you any money. Are you sure it is and not a very similar, related domain with variant spelling or extension that they are using?

      1. George

        Hi admin, yes I have a pic of my portfolio, can you just have a check on it
        Please help me it

        1. Admin

          I couldn’t see the domain name and extension from the pics.

  97. sebastian

    hola buenas noches, mi nombre es sebastian, soy de argentina, he sido estafado por FXCRYPTOMINE, hoy he hablado con la verdadera persona y me ha dicho que esa pagina es una estafa, esa persona igual se dedica a las opciones binarias y me ha orfecido invertir, aparece en instagram como “LILLIAN LISA THOMPSON” me podrias decir si es confiable por favor ?

    1. Admin

      Please post your comment in English.

      1. sebastian

        hello good night, my name is sebastian, I’m from Argentina, I’ve been scammed by FXCRYPTOMINE, today I talked to the real person and he told me that this page is a scam, that same person is dedicated to binary options and has hurt me invest, appears on instagram as “LILLIAN LISA THOMPSON” could you tell me if it is reliable please?

        1. Admin

          Hello Sebastian. It is not the name on istagram that makes someone a scammer. It is what they do. If anyone asks you to send money to an individual person, he is a scammer. So NEVER send your investment money to an individual. A forex/binary broker is not an individual person, but they are regulated firms. Also if someone asks you to create an account by going to a newly created website, it is most probably a scam. You must immediately check if that website belongs to a regulated firm.

  98. please check this site

    1. Admin

      Already checked. That’s why they are listed on this page as a scam.

  99. please do you know any legit bitcoins mining software i can use to mine bitcoins everyday please

    1. minna

      I use this one to mine bitcoins everyday.

  100. gladys

    Hi admin, is 24traderush a scam. I am from south Africa and someone referred me to them as a trusted broker with good profit. I have registered an account and about to deposit $200 worth of bitcoin to fund my account..

    1. Admin

      STOP right there. Don’t throw away your money at them. They are scammers. Use a regulated broker instead. Like this one

  101. Hi Admin
    I can see is on the list, i send them 200 dollars

    But please can you check for me. i cannot get my payout.

    1. Admin

      That’s another scam website. Why don’t you sign up with a regulated broker instead?

  102. Roger Jackson legit : I couldn’t see its name on the unregulated brokers list nor the untrusted brokers list of the www, list. But you have it on your list. Can you give me more concrete and legal information urgently please.

    1. Admin

      I included them in the list because it is a fake website Its content is copy pasted from similar scam websites. It does not belong to any regulated broker.

  103. Mitja

    I been scammed by Their plan it’s 300% of invest per 56 days. They are supposedly trading but when i want to withdraw his agent Faria Whatapp +1(646) 504-1724 demant from me I must pay $500 for mining. They steal $101 from me.

    I was referrer by Wendy Guy Rathburn who was supposedly trade and mining manager (and she its also scammer. her Whatapp +12019485325). At Wendy has rip me for 250€.

  104. Salem

    Please add
    Scammers they ruined my life so badly.

  105. George is this scam or legit, seems its legit , can you say soon admin.

    1. Admin is a scam website.

  106. George

    Hello admin is smart nation FX scam or legit??

  107. Hi admin is legit pity I only know about you now after I made a deposit. And also Ubanker is it legit the accountant use a celebrity name Emily Markova she calls me everyday asking for a my Visa card number and ccv

    1. Admin

      It’s too bad you have already made the deposit. And anyone who calls you and asks for your visa card number and CCV number is a scammer. DO NOT give it.

  108. THABISO

    Hello admin…someone is trading for me on bulloption…I can see all the trading history …can this be a fake trading history …is bulloption a legit broker. ..thanks hope to hear from you

    1. Admin

      bulloption is a scam website. The trading history they show is fake. Soon they will ask you to pay a ‘transfer fee /withdrawal fee/ insurance/ etc’, for the big amount shown in your account to be transferred to you. It was a mistake to even deposit any money into that account. Now it will be even a bigger mistake to send any more withdrawal processing fees. Because not even a single cent will be coming back your way.

      1. THabiso

        Thanks a lot admin…unfortunately I have lost a lot of money but I’m happy you saved a lot too …can you please put it in the list of scam websites too

        1. Admin

          Already in the list.

        2. Mert

          What is the name of the person who makes the trades? Please repond it back.

  109. Scam

    Hi, I was contacted by Brett smith, on instagram has the nickname brettsmith580, I wanted to warn that it is part of zukoption, pay attention

  110. Favour

    Hello Admin do you know any Johnbrian776 from Boptions360.Com, are the really or scam

    1. Admin

      Anybody related to is a scammer.

  111. Leonardo Mano Vieira

    Hello, I would like to know if this site is trustworthy

    1. Admin is scam.

  112. Don Corleone legit or scam?

    1. Admin is scam.

      1. Don Corleone

        Hello fellow traders and newbies. Are you confused on who to trust with your funds, Trade in binary and earn money for your self and family. I recommend Mrs Jennifer Chalmers who offers account management with capital as low as $300, Never fall for scam post promising to earn millions in binary.
        With the perfect software’s and trading techniques you are guaranteed of earning $3300 or more in 7trading days with 100% payout.

        Here is her contact info:
        Whatsapp :+1 (518) 889-6959
        Facebook : Jennifer Chalmers

        Thats one of the many recommendations i saw for that contact from many different FB users

        He/she told me to send $300US to skrill ID (which is in the name Humphrey Abedinigo)

        Now he/she is telling me i have to pay 10% of the trade balance before a withdrawal can happen and they are insisting is not a scam site

        1. Admin

          I confirm once more that is a scam site. If she had shown massive profits on your account, understand this. Your money did not get invested anywhere. But they showed such high profit on a fake account to make you pay that ‘10%’. $300 is already in their pocket, now they want more since they consider you as gullible and a fool.
          This is why I say a legitimate investment method will not involve sending money to an individual person to ‘invest’.

  113. Sifa

    help me..I was deceived by … I was squeezed … I beg you to help me report them … I have to report them where … I beg you

  114. Sifa

    Where should I report them … I have lost up to $3000 … I am very desperate … I beg you to help me report them. so that no more victims like me..

  115. Akbar

    I would like to ask you if binaryfxoptions option is a scam or legit?

  116. sandeep

    I would be lucky if i would seen this site before. I invested in 24trade2win site above thru a guy called alex hunter. He trading for me and said balance in site went to 4550 now they are sdkung 900 as trading fee to withdrawl. Looks fake now. I lost 250$ 🙁

    1. Admin

      You have learned a lesson the hard way. Always check the registration and regulation information before you even believe that a particular website is actually a brokerage firm. And that also, don’t believe the words displayed on website. Check and verify the information.

      1. Chan

        How to check it, would you mind guiding me ? I would like to check skyfxhub

  117. Chris

    Thanks for great job. pls help me see if,, are legit

  118. ZZCT

    OPTIMAL-OPTIONS.COM…SCAMMMM!! I wish I encountered this website before we invested with them. They requested initial investment, we gave $500. A week later they requested $2500 to upgrade the account and enable the withdrawal feature, we requested $2500 withdrawal, and still waiting for feedback. Then they asked for $5000 (10% “upfront taxes”) to withdraw full amount of earnings $50000 which made no sense and raised big red flags. We called the phone # on the website main page, resulting in a “wrong #” in Scotland. Then we called the “leave your feedback” # and someone answered in Quebec responding they would get back to us about our withdrawal. We have now have collected all necessary info to report to necessary authorities. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GIVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!

  119. Ismail

    Please i want to know about ftboptions, because i was sent a document showing that they are registered

    1. Admin

      That document is fake.

  120. Mersus

    Good day sir

    I haven’t deposited as yet I see the is on the list I saw few Facebook posts about this investment company can i trust them i need to invest some cash. ?

    Thank you.

    1. Admin

      If a website is listed on this page, DO NOT throw your money at them.

      1. Ruth

        So 365expertoptionsinvestment are scammers? Thanx for the list

  121. Chan

    Dear Admin,
    Could you please help to check skyfxhub, they said they have registration with Licence FxPro UK Limited registration no. 509956
    FxPro Global Markets MENA Limited reference no. F003333
    IC MArkets 335692.

    1. Admin

      I can confirm, is a scam website. They have nothing to do with FxPro or IC Markets. Even the registration number they gave is fake.

  122. Chan

    Dear admin, how about, this platform too? Is it fake?

    1. Admin

      They are confirmed scam.

      1. Maks

        Hi, don’t send your btc to invest. is a scam. I experienced it myself. I invested $100 through bitcoins and after 7 days my balance showed $38,000. Guess what they asked me to pay 15% commission to withdraw profit. Immediately i understood that they are scammers and i refused to pay the asked amount.


    These guys take advantage of vulnerable people including the elderly. They conned my late father into depositing £17,250 (most of his savings) into this scheme. They then continued to call and text him to the point of his death. They are utter scum bags. If you even think your loved one is using this service stop them immediately and if you think you’ve lost so much then contact a recovery expert.

  124. Hugo

    I was scammed by speed options broker lisa moore77 as her Instagram username I wanted to know if IQoption is legit or what brokers do you recommend that I can withdrawal my profits.

  125. Hector Mavare

    Hi Admin, great job man. I sent you some information about a scammer, and thank`s for your recommendations

  126. Siza Mbele

    Good day Admin,

    Can you please check if is legit yet cause i have been advised to invest with this broker and i saw it on your list above

    1. Admin is a scam website.

      1. Enoch Affum

        Is a scam

  127. abed ahmad

    I invested $100 at, they showed me I made $3200 within 3 days. now they want me to buy a access code for $1600.

    1. Admin

      That’s surely scam.

  128. mlowoka

    is legit

    1. Admin

      No. They are a 2 months old scam website. Check their front page, it says it has been running for 3233 days. That’s more than 8 years. But the website age is only 2 months. You should have noticed this yourself too.

  129. Siza Mbele

    Thank you for exposing as a scam website

  130. Mosco15

    I invested 100 bucks with, they made 8600 usd for me in 3 days, now they said for me to withdraw it i have to pay 15 percent of the money, is that not a scam

    1. Admin

      That is surely a scam.

  131. Mosco15, is it legit to invest in

    1. Admin is a confirmed scam website.

      1. Mosco15

        thanks a lot, i really wants to invest, any legit site to invest in bitcoin mining

      2. Xed

        hello sir. Just need your advice if it safe to invest in a licsence trader in IQ Option. Thank you

        1. Admin

          let me make this clear to you. ‘IQ OPTION’ does not give out licenses for people to trade for you. You should not send your investment money to any individual.

  132. Mosco15

    is, a scam site?

  133. Louis Mihingano

    Nice work, also very helpful. Please suggest also some of good platforms or references to work with without any fear.

  134. Mosco15

    is it safe to invest on these sites,,, please, i love to know if its safe to invest

    1. JB Go

      it’s scam site, the owner created multiple sites like this by offering more huge return. it’s a bait don’t invest!

  135. Gasmy Z.

    This is a list of scammer to avoid, they proceed the same way, they have or they pay other scammer to post positives feedback about their succesfull trading and withdrawal. They are all scammer and scam broker.
    Robby Tan, big scammer, whatsapp: +60 16 299 1431
    Martha Lauren, Samantha Stogel, Naomi Brenda, Vhristine Barrientos, viktoria galina, robin martin, ashley f. martins, foenix fontana faht marius, andries motsele.
    Their scam brokers are:,,

  136. Adimah

    Thanks Admin for well researched..I need a genuine contact to assist with with trading…please can u recommend some one.

  137. Clue

    Thank you admin for blacklisting fake scammers and helping us save money we should have lost. Please admin recommend someone to help me trade am in Nigeria

  138. Ella

    Phone number: +1 (323) 510-3972
    We gave $280 as a deposit to invest. We received an email to upgrade an account to VIP and we paid $560. Bank details sent and we wouldve gave the money on Wednesday (today) this morning we received another email to say we must pay COT Fees of $900 in order to release money. We are from South Africa.

  139. CODY

    Heyy Aamin from instagram messaged me that he will trade and make 200$ into 2000$ in a week.
    I send him the money while withdrawing he said to pay me another 500 $ as COT charges. I deny
    I made the payment through paypal and it has been 8 days since transaction done should i get back my money by raising dispute in paypal.

    1. Admin

      Open dispute, and also share their PayPal email. It will be good to blacklist it.

  140. chandra

    how about why they are a scam?

  141. Johannes

    Is crypto coin247 a scam?

  142. Wiedaah

    Hi is fxcryptoflow legit. I invested $200 within 3 daysi was on $k1640 so now accounts manager Totbert Matchesa says that someone tries d to wothdraw which rebooted his sysyem and i need to buy trading signals to the value of $1000 is this eveb normal?

    1. Admin

      That is NOT normal. You have been scammed. DO NOT send any money again.

      1. Rajat

        Hey Admin can u please help me as i have invested 100 usd on and now they told me to pay 800usd as a tax to withdraw my profit. so should i need pay to them or not??

        1. Admin

          DO NOT pay that money.

          1. Rajat

            Thanks admin
            and i have more query about the below websites can u advise me on the same

            Note- I also checked about it on company house website of uk government and over there it is shown as active company and all the legal documents has been verified as well. if u chk on your end that would be great. thanks in advance.

          2. Admin

            Check a bit more into the company profile on Company House website. Look at the nature of business. Are they in the financial industry??? if not, then these scammers just took that information to scam people. Anyone can take that information and even download the certificate and use it.

  143. Juan

    This is a list of scammer to avoid, they proceed the same way, they have or they pay other scammer to post positives feedback about their succesfull trading and withdrawal. They are all scammer and scam broker.
    Glen Tyson +1 585 308 9468
    Katherine Collins +1 845 422 4373

  144. Mugen

    I haven’t sent any money to this person. But I recently got a message from this person on Instagram and her name is Jennifer Criswell and her Instagram is Jennifer_c35. Telling me that she’s an agent and that if I go invest my money to her “company” I need to withdraw money from a bitcoin atm machine in order for me to credit my account is this a sign of a scam? I put the url of the website to warn everyone about this.

    1. Mugen This is the site I visited.

  145. I have account with tac markets , I lost 45000 USD and still I have not got my money back.

  146. Spencer

    What do you think about Bitradex and tradersvolt.

  147. Spencer

    Hello I am curious if you have ever heard of and also why do you think tradersvolt is a scam. Thanks!

  148. Amy Blake

    I don’t see on the list. Does that mean they’re legit? Anyone has any positive or negative experience with them?

  149. juanda

    Hello, does pay?

  150. bambang

    does really pay?

  151. osama khan

    hey sir i want to know about these companies?
    these webisite are scam or legitimate?
    tell me about that?
    Thanks sir

  152. Ethan

    Can someone tell me if is a scam? I ordered 3 weeks ago and still no fakes.

  153. Siza

    Hi Admin,

    can you please check if it is legit or not?

  154. Lana

    Hi! Do you have any information about
    247’ Is it a scam?!

  155. Ip

    Is this website a scam. They asking money for an upgrade after an initial investment of 500$.

  156. Ayo

    Please is Olymptrade or Irontrade save to invest in please let me know before I put my money in

  157. Jordan

    I invested 38$ with tradersvolt company by an Sammy Collins who created a account on tradersvolt company. He told me at first that I would receive profit and then pay the 10% brokerage fee and after the end of the trading he now told me to pay the 10% before withdrawing

    1. Jordan

      I met him on Instagram

  158. Johan

    Anyone been contacted by agents from ?

    I have and they got me investing 14 BTC in some less than shot ICOs, but of course that’s what I think.

    Anyone else ?


  159. peter mahlangu

    hello up there I just need to know about this website is legit or not

  160. Subodh Patil is fake, they will take money and never give you back.

  161. lj

    I’ve been scammed by BITCOINFXTRADE. A broker named Matthew Andrew’s Fx invited me to invest with a high profit offer.. I invested $300 and expected that I’ll receive $3000 after 7 days as what they promised. After 4 days they surprisingly send me an email asking for about $1621 for an upgrade due to high value of Bitcoin. They said that I need to pay $1621 for me to continue trading and withdraw my earnings. Until now I didn’t receive any profit and I didn’t get back my $300. So sad.

  162. Luis E.

    All sites from this list are proved scammers? I want to know specificly about I sent some money yesterday, and them creates a live account for me to watch the “invest” grow. The performance its ridiculous fast, now I´m pretty sure that I have been scammed, but I want to confirm with you. Somebody here fell like me with them? I was targeted on IG by a Manager Account with a large number of followers with very few interactions

    1. Luis E

      The fake account manager in IG is donald_brianfx, WhatsApp number Donald Brian +1(857)3255317, the BTC wallet 15T2XxbvEDmrJTXw5uTJf2PWrvu587CSPe, ARE SCAMMERS

  163. Ephraim Tlogelang

    There is a guy claiming to work for by the name Richard Clevenger. How legit are these. He also sounds desperate to have me investing.

    1. Admin

      That’s exactly what scammers are. Desperate to get your money. In fact, begging for your money. I have checked It is a scam website.

      1. Ephraim Tlogelang

        Thanks a lot, let everybody know he is called @ri.chard4665 on ista. Pathetic thief

  164. Isen Adzemi

    Hello, do somebody knows something about, are they legit?

    1. Admin

      They are scam.

      1. Isen Adzemi

        Do you have some arguments to corroborate it?

        1. Admin

          No registration or regulation information given. They are not registered or regulated anywhere as a broker. They do display text that says ‘Regulated and Verified by” and then below that display a general badge that means nothing. That shows they are not really regulated. It is the work of amateurs.

          1. Isen Adzemi

            Ok thank you.
            Here is only about fake website, is there any legit one?

          2. Isen Adzemi

            What you think about, is legit?

          3. Admin

            What is their website url?

  165. DeAnn Wilson

    Can you confirm the legitimacy of the website

    There are some grammatical errors in several areas of the site and it was down yesterday.

    1. Admin

      They are scam.

  166. Agnes is a scam guyz, don’t trust them, there on Instagram and even have a website with https, they show fake money and you cant withdraw it..

  167. Kim T

    Hello, do anyone know about ,,, ?

    They approached me on Instagram asking me to invest, are they legitimate ?
    Do any of the trust worthy?
    Thank you

    1. Orville

      I want to know about too they are urging me to invest. Did you invest with them?

      1. TRINH TRAN

        Yes I did invested $500. After one week the balance went up to $10,000. They want me to pay $1000 before withdrawal. And another 10% which is $1000. I don’t know what to do

        Had you invest?

        1. Admin

          Don’t pay anymore money to them.

  168. Kim T

    I invested $500 in, 4 days later the account went up to 22,150. Now they are put it on pending, saying the profit exceed $20,000 in profit. I need to upgrade the account by invest at least another $6,500 in order for the account become active and able to withdraw . Is this right? Is it ok to send them ? thank you!

  169. Mike

    Can you check out I made a $100 deposit and now I’m trying to withdraw my funds $460 they are saying I used multiple IP and I need to deposit $230 for the withdraw to be open.

  170. Rhea

    Is is legit or scam?

  171. Vicky flor

    Please confirm if this website is fake

    1. Vicky flor

      Please confirm if this website is fake and how long do you take to confirm that

  172. Phillip

    I have invested bitcoin worth 500 usd (about 7000 zar) with balance is now $1000.I tried to make a withdrawal,but was informed that I must make 20% roll over deposit (20% of $1000 which is about $200) before I can make a withdrawal.Should I pay that money.Have I been scammed.What remedy do I have.The what’sApp number of the administrator shows that he is in the US.Do the FBI do bitcoin scam investigations?Any suggestions.

  173. Mike scam site. they claimed to be a subsidiary of slush pool but I confirmed with slush pool and they said nope.

  174. Mike

    got the domain wrong, I mean to say they claimed to be a subsidiary of slush pool but I confirmed with slush pool and they said nope.

  175. Dale

    binarybotandinvestment is a FUCKING FRAUD!

  176. Bruce

    I invented R3000 to tradeswiftfx promised to have R33000 after 7days but now i am disappointed that the expert trader told me to deposit another money before i withdraw because he used system that doubles my account, so that marching he used needs to be updated by R7000 is this campany ligit or scam?

    1. Bruce

      The expert trader is Morrison Morgan who promised me to get 33000Zar after 7days but now i am disappointed that he said i should deposit another money before i withdraw
      Is this tradeswiftfx a scam or what?

  177. Orville

    Anyone can verify or if they can be trusted?

  178. Dineo

    Is Harry Morgan a registered trader or not? He first asked for $350 initial investment to attract profit within 7 days. Later $500 to upgrade account so profit can be transferred into personal account. a day later $1000 as tax fee that’s when I realized I am taken for a ride. He markets himself on instagram

    1. Admin

      That definitely is scam!

  179. Bongile Fethani

    Hi, please check for me DFXOPTIONS they want me to invest.

    1. Admin is a 2 months old scam website.

  180. Conny Maphanga

    Thank you very much, i almost being a victim of scams . You helped

  181. Bongani

    I invented R3000 to tradeswiftfx promised to have R33000 after 7days but now i am disappointed that the expert trader told me to deposit another money before i withdraw because he used system that doubles my account, so that marching he used needs to be updated by R7000 is this campany ligit or scam

    1. Admin

      You have been scammed. No real trading actually took place. Just fake system to make you believe that a lot of money is waiting for you.

  182. Oksana

    Thank you so much! You’re really helping people! I’ve been contacted by a person who said that he is a professional trader and he would like to have a long term business relationship with me, then he send me a link to a platform, which is
    It seemed fishy to me, so I googled it and thanks to you now I know for sure it’s a scam.

  183. Rohit

    I invested with 3 days back for 600 $,
    Today my trader says that i have 50000 $ in my account.
    Now for withdrawal of my money,he is again asking for 1000 $ more.
    What should I do??
    Person from nextradeoptions : Ebuka Ezeh

    I sent him the money through Western union, some person in Nigeria.

    Will i be able to get my invested money back??

    Please help

    1. Admin

      Hello Rohit,
      If you have sent money directly to an individual through Western Union (this is a payment method you must always avoid) there is nothing much you can do, since he doesn’t live in your country. Nigeria? To that breeding ground of scammers???? The moment you hear the word ‘Nigeria’, the next thing you should think about is ‘scammer’.

      1. nard

        this site is legit or scam also?
        please make more info of this site admin. thanks.

        1. Admin

          Yes, that is a scam website.

  184. Guybe

    Hello,this site is legit?

    1. Admin

      No. It is a scam website.

      1. Mangele

        Wanna find out if is legit or scam

  185. Admin

    That is a scam website. If you keep looking for the same concept, the only thing you will find is scam.

  186. John

    You doing great,is 24fxtrade legit ?

    1. Admin is a scam website.

  187. brandon

    Can you check for me, I invested 500USD, and it became 10000USD within 7 days. But before I can withdraw my profits, they are telling me to pay tax plus commission first, about 1500 USD. Is this scam?

    The same thing with, I invested 100USD within 1 week I got 1010USD profits, but before I can withdraw my profits, I need to pay them 100usd as a commission.

    Thanks for the help.

    1. Admin

      What you have just said confirms they are scam.

      1. Raja Sami Abid

        Brandon please tell me have you added money in AstroFXtrade for withdraw profit? Or if you add did they give you withdraw or not?
        And Admin please confirm me that is fake or not I have also invested $200 there 9 days ago with the trader named Mr. Andrew Feldstein he was saying me that there is no withdraw fees to withdraw money and I can withdraw after 14 days I am waiting of completion of 14 days.

        1. aijaz

          hi have you receive profit from him ?

      2. Raja Sami Abid

        Admin please tell me is scam website or not, please.

        1. Admin

          That’s a scam website.

  188. sharn

    24optimumsafe is a scam as well.

  189. Vya

    can u recommend a broker to invest. i live in belgium.

  190. Lutendo

    I have bern recruited by a lady to joun binary trade investment. I fall on it now the guy who claimed he is my investor wxnt me to join another one called Google it first i found its a scam.i approach him and thst lady all of them they denied they said is a legit investment. Pls hel admin

    1. Admin

      That is surely a scam. Keep away from them. Do NOT give any more money.

  191. brandon

    Can you recommend a legit investment scheme that they will trade your money, and you will pay commission?

    1. Admin

      If you look for that concept from a website, where you ‘upload’ money and inside the website it magically multiplies exponentially within a short period of time after which you ‘download’ the money. That concept will almost, always lead to scam. If you want success in this business, the best way is to learn to trade.

  192. Masande

    Hello brother, i met a woman from Twitter who called herself Mellissa Proffitt, she convinced me to start a trade with her company ( when i had to withdraw $10866 she asked for a withdrawal fees of $750 is that the registered site? From there I met the woman from Instagram who called herself Tebogo i told her my story of trade with and she said it’s scam i don’t have to pay fees before withdrawal, then we agreed to trade together with her company called shark24option but when I wanted to withdraw the money she said my trade was too high i have to pay the upgrades to my account i paid it then I asked her for withdrawal again she asked for withdrawal costs i paid that then she turned and said no i can’t withdraw the was something wrong from my account and told me that she opened a new account for me called and she said this i will withdraw within 3 days but I will have to pay 10% i said no why they can’t deduct from the profit, can you help me out on this

    1. Admin

      So you believed a ‘woman’ with a surname ‘Proffitt’?? I am baffled!! The second one tricked you the same way with a scam website. Because she knows you are really gullible. There is nothing anyone can do for you unless you stop being a fool. From what you have told me, you are not ready to invest anywhere. As the saying goes ‘A fool and his money are soon parted.’
      Before you do anything else, read this article

  193. Masande

    Hello can you please check these companies i have traded with but never withdrawed the money because they were asking for withdrawal fees ; shark24option. com ;

    1. Admin

      Those are websites are scam. Actually no real trading took place. Just fake results to make you pay those ‘fees’.

      1. Masande

        Ok thanks man

  194. brandon

    Hi please include in your lists and a scam website. I just confirmed it yesterday.

    1. Janice

      I agree on astrofxtrade it,s a scam. I was trading at first through my account manager Mr. Maayan and later advised that he was suspended due to some financial misappropriation as he was found guilty of divert clients tax and other fees which is supposed to be paid to broker wallet to his personal wallet. And they want me to pay again the tax so I can get my profit. It’s like this only a part of their drama so you get more funds from me. So, please include this astrofxtrade on your list to avoid this evil contaminate everyone.

  195. brandon

    Hi sir, can you please help me how and where to learn to trade the easiest way to understand? Thanks.

  196. Katlego Sedumedi

    Hi just wonder if you can verify this company for me tradeswiftfx someone is introducing it to me by the name of Zanele Ntuli but I don’t know if it’s the real deal or not

  197. Witness

    Hi. I’m looking up Lawrentha Williams, WhatsApp number +1 937 697 1961. She claims to be working with . Is she legi?

    1. Admin

      Nope, she is not legit. That website is scam.

  198. Tatiana this dude has the scammiest looking Instagram ever and the site is new and full of errors.

  199. Raja Sami Abid

    There is also a trader name as Drew Brown having instagram tradewithdrew. He is a scammer i invest money with him and his fake company send me screenshoot daily for 5 days after five days his company said to me to clear VAT fees to withdraw money i clear it and when i said him for withdraw he blocked me.
    Name = Drew Brown
    Instagram = tradewithdrew

  200. Rajatarora

    Hello after making an investment with one of trader i met on fb and at the time of withdrawal i got an email from their end l. Can u let me whether i need to send it to them or not
    Below are the content of mails that i received please let me know
    1. Dear Rajat

    Account License Issued

    This is to confirm that you have approximately $2670.76 in your account as of 13 Nov 2019.

    We confirm that the available $2670.76 in your account with us, you will be allow to get access to the sum said in your account statement if the following fees are meant.
    Your access to the account and the balance of $2670.76 are available immediately after the fees are made.
    Below are the fees.

    Government Licensing and permit Fee : $200

    The government licensing and permit fee gives you the access to your online banking login details and engage in banking activities… Licenses are issued by the government banking agency and operatives, and federal lawmaking bodies.

    Please contact us and comply dutifully with the financial obligations with your payment gateway how you can send the fee.

    Yours sincerely

    Financial Legal Protection, USA
    13 Nov 2019

    BN Box 3022 USA ACT 2601

    2. Dear Rajat

    Account License Issued

    This is to confirm that you have approximately $2670.76 in your account as of 13 Nov 2019.

    We confirm that the available $2670.76 in your account with us, you will be allow to get access to the sum said in your account statement if the following fees are meant.
    Your access to the account and the balance of $2670.76 are available immediately after the fees are made.
    Below are the fees.

    Government Licensing and permit Fee : $200

    The government licensing and permit fee gives you the access to your online banking login details and engage in banking activities… Licenses are issued by the government banking agency and operatives, and federal lawmaking bodies.

    Please contact us and comply dutifully with the financial obligations with your payment gateway how you can send the fee.

    Yours sincerely

    Financial Legal Protection, USA
    13 Nov 2019

    BN Box 3022 USA ACT 2601

    3. Dear Rajat

    Account License Issued

    At the request of your mail we here to inform you that our bank government license fee as been in existence till date.

    We wish to inform you the importance of the government licensing fee is issue to your account with us to enable you get an access to your account as the owner also it enable you to engage in any international transfer to any local bank internationally free from taxes, money laundry fee and revenue fee will attract close to 7% of your ledger account balance.

    They are no matter relating to financial affairs of Ctitbank USA and associated online banking group elsewhere.
    After the government licensing fee is paid.
    Your e-Banking details login will be sent to you and your letter of authorization access to the Bank will be available for you to account.

    Below is our e-Banking payment system



    Bitcoin Addresses


    Western Union

    Money Gram

    Kindly select one of the payment system above you wish to make the license fee payment.

    Thank you for your time, we look forward getting back to us.

    Yours sincerely

    Financial Legal Protection, USA
    13 Nov 2019

    BN Box 3022 USA ACT 2601

    1. Admin

      First of all, let me make this clear. There is no doubt that you have fallen into scam. DO NOT send that money to them. Look at the standard of English they use, that is Nigerian broken English rather than from any credible organization from USA.

      No real trading took place with your money. No profit is waiting for you. Whatever you send to them, nothing will come back your way.

      1. Rachael

        Though I’m a Nigerian but I wholeheartedly hated Nigeria for their 419/scam act and I’m sure the Mr Henry Gilbert who scammed me through * is from Nigeria, I suspected his broken in English. They are every were both in dating site, causing bad lucks and spoiling the names of the good ones in the country. I have been avoiding them, I don’t even know how I got caught by this fellow.

  201. vanderlei

    Is a scam?

  202. Pam

    His name is Timothy Leary on Instagram. I’m not sure if he is a scammer or not
    The two website he used is it got suspended then gave me the other one called verifying it for me

    1. Admin

      You have just confirmed they are scam!

  203. Ola

    Admin please it’s urgent, is a scam?

    1. Admin

      Yes, that is a scam website. I hope you are here asking about that website before actually throwing away your money.

  204. Issayas

    hi Admin, is a scam site? their sales pitch ressembles a lot of the cautionary tales in the comments, but they’re not on your list (yet)

    1. Admin

      Yeah. The website claims to be the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in the world, but needs other exchanges as ‘payment gateways’. That doesn’t make sense.

  205. Isen what about them?

    1. zara

      Hi smartwayoptions is that legit or fake

  206. Neo

    worldtradeprofit is a scam made me to pay my savings of about 7500usd,check also binary optionautotrading and epicforextrade they are from the same people, they are big scammers ,they ll ask for many undisclosed fees until u are broke ,

  207. White knight, by the same scammer as Has hosted a plenty of other scams as well.

  208. agentorange


  209. Ron

    Between these to companies I lost close to $63,000.
    Persons name – ARTUR LEONID
    WhatsApp number – +1 (332) 213-1973 & +1 (516) 271-2847
    Persons name – Barry Adams
    WhatsApp number – +1 (781) 627-5632

    Blockchain scam
    Persons name – Stevie Ludvig
    WhatsApp number – +1 (618) 228-2848

  210. Howard

    You can add to your list of scams.

  211. Sourav

    Could u pls guide me whether is fake or not? AS I have invested 650$ and within some couple of days, it becomes 8000$, but for withdrawal, they want 450$ again for reflection fees in my localbitcoin wallet Please help me.

    1. Admin

      Your money did not get invested anywhere. No real trading took place. You have been scammed.

  212. Lexie

    Hi admin, thanks for exposing these scammers. Add to the list. They used the same language on me, that I invest $100 then make $2000 after 24 hours. Then when it came to withdrawing I was told to pay a fee of 40%.

  213. Lexie

    Hi admin, also confirm whether is legit. Because I invest an initial amount of $10 and have been withdrawing 4 times already. Now they are asking me to upgrade to plan 2 which is slightly ($100). They said plan 2 allows 8 maximum number of withdrawals unlike the starter plan which is 4 times. Should I trust them since I have withdrawn from them already or is this the new trick being used by scammers?

    1. Admin

      Lexie, when you don’t pay attention to things that are glaring right at you, you will get scammed. They give a company registration number on the website, and they even give you a way to even check if it is legit. If you clicked on that link to go and check with the Companies House, you can see something interesting.

      1. Emmanuel Nzeyimana

        Hello Admin. Thank you very much for saving us from scams.
        You’re really one of the few good people needed by this world.
        Allow me to request for your personal e-mail so that I can write to you in person.
        Mine is

  214. hi admin, is a legit website

  215. CK

    Is a scam

  216. Rachael

    Please I need you to check if these sites are OK to invest *,

  217. Amos Khanye


    i would like to find out there is a gentlmetn recruited me to invest in the company he gave me the details bitcon wallet and as i check my funds are not reflecting on my account he told me after the ive send the bit coin wallet and now he is telling me about the tax fee that i must pay which i dont have anymore

    am i being scammed ??

    1. Admin

      Yes, you have been scammed.


    hi…admin i invested R3000.00 into TRADEQUICKOPTIONS on tuesday 14/04/2020…i was made to deposit the money via the LUNO Standard bank account then transfer the money to the TRADEQUICKOPTION account i had created on the TRADEQUICKOPTION website….on the morning of the 15th i had usd2400.00 reflecting in my account…then i sent MR Joseph Mayer the purported expert trader a thank you message who instantly tells me that i had to send R10’450.00 TO PURCHASE a classical software that enables me to secure my profit and withdraw … Ideposited the money into the LUNO account and its reflecting in my LUNO WALLET…now they are telling me to phone them for a transfer…l now have great suspicion…my question is why cant i just trade with LUNO…because LUNO should be Legit….and yesterday i watched as the bitcoin price go up on Luno….meaning i furher lost big time.

  219. Simo

    intagram account

    Big scammers

  220. kg

    Hi Admin,

    Do know if forex is a scam ?

    1. Admin

      Yes, they are.

  221. Angela

    Hi Admin
    Is a legit site?

    1. Admin

      No. They are scam.

  222. Nikhil G

    hii Guys The Smart investment is a new site for money trading there is anyone know about this site is real or fake…. please do the check on urgent bassis.

    1. Admin

      That is a scam.

  223. craig

    I would just like to say a BIG thankyou to the creator/Admin of this site, youve just saved me from investing into a company which to me, as a complete beginner, looked real. The company is called coinfx-mining,co

    Once again a big thankyou for your help and luckily I researched it.

  224. Funwell Mwarazi

    Perharps you must sort your comments to start with the most recent ones on top. and older ones at the bottom. Besides, great work and thank you!


    Is a real traders online

    1. Admin

      They are scam. I have replied to your mail regarding them.

  226. Kelly

    So, can I get list of legit trading sites.

  227. senamile

    is forexonline247 a scam

    1. Admin is scam.

  228. Thulani

    Hello Sir

    Kindly check tradexoption for me. I have deposited $200 into a Bitcoin account. I was promised to be paid in 7th day. On the 3rd day. The account went up so dramatically. In 3 days it was more than the amount I was promised in 7 days. I was asked to to top up by $241 to match up the signal… I requested that they bring back my capital investment since I can’t top it up. I sent them Bitcoin address. The money is not paid even today.

    1. Admin is scam. Do NOT pay any more money to them.

      1. Michael

  229. vkotha review please

    1. Admin

      That is a scam website. Stay away from them.

  230. Ramil Gotaya please review. Thank you

  231. Ramil Gotaya

    Is a scam?

  232. Mangele

    Is a scam or legit

  233. Robson is a scam also they scammed me

  234. Felix

    Please also check this website ‘’

  235. erlinda, with account manager harrelson gaskell,

  236. erlinda

    lesson learn, i can’t believe i maid 2 payments after doubting i almost pay $2000 including my first payment,,,,,how to trace the location of that scammer

  237. erlinda with account manager harrelson gaskell

  238. Kshitij Jain


    Can you tell me about this few company..

    Gold bitcoin

    Kindly guide me on this.

  239. Kshitij Jain

    Also can guide on which website is true and we can really work with them or invest in them.

  240. Richard Thatcher

    I am sorry to report I was taken advantage of by in May-July 2020, which is based in Nicosia and Denver, and an fx trader named Victoria Miller (vicki). I sent an initial investment of $1000 with mushroomed into 10000 during the early May rally of Bitcoin. A few days into the session, the site sent me a note wanting the brokers fees of 20% upfront, which I paid in btc. When the session was done, they wanted the taxes upfront too of 12.5%. I balked, but paid a few weeks later, but then TradingOptions Pro wanted $500 to re-connect my account….I paid that too and then nothing happened. Both the broker and the site stopped communicating and I was never paid. Yes, I was taken.

  241. Love Trading is also fake company.

  242. Neil Frosting is scam. They payed me one and then I bought a2000 plan, never paid. They asked for extra 500 to activate a new plan, and now they claim the main sponsor of the company withdraw and can’t pay till finding new investors. That’s a lie. They just stole my money.
    Admin, is there a way to denounce BullionBit to get my money back?

  243. Shaun Neil Johnson scammed me out of $300
    profited $5000 and asked for $650 fee to withdrawal

    was approached by Jennifer Hayden on Facebook(impersonated account)

  244. Mike

    please add invest to it. they just scammed me and my friends. we can’t access the website through our login credentials and they blocked us from the telegram group. They are still allowing new naive customers.

  245. Tshepo

    And be aware of a girl called Kholwa olivier she scammed she uses this number +1(814) 840-7733

  246. Katelyn Smith is a scam. Thomas Garcia is the trader. He told me to create an account with them. Once I did 6 hours later he said I have $1500 in the account. Now wants me to deposit $300 into the account to withdraw the $1500. When i asked him how he was able to deposit $1500 into my account without access he told me I did give him access by sending him a screenshot. None of this makes any sense. Thank goodness it was $100 and not more.
    Thomas Garcia 931-389-4459
    Telegram group: Bitcoin Trading Arena

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